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Natural stone has played an important role in gardens and landscapes for centuries. In some, stone has provided the backbone for the garden, and in others, stone is used as ornamentation or to emphasize or decorate other elements.

Much of today's garden "stone" has taken on a very commercial and artificial flavor with the mass availability of concrete (cement) and resin replicas of stone ornaments featured in the famous gardens and estates of the world. While there is nothing wrong with trying to bring beauty and quality to our gardens and landscaping, GENUINE  STONE provides both the beauty, authenticity, and durability that individuals strive for.

As is the case with any manufactured product, quality of materials and manufacturers will vary. Over time, the quality of your garden stone will be revealed. Conversely, in the case of genuine stone, the product issues are:

    - Do you like the carving?
    - Do you like the stone?


Carved stone is found in gardens and temples that are hundreds and sometimes thousands of years old.  Therefore, adding genuine carved stone to your gardens and landscapes assures timeliness, beauty, and durability of your landscape.

Noble House and Garden provides the highest-quality carved stone for your Japanese or Oriental garden or your landscaping.  Whether a single piece of moderate size or many pieces of many sizes, we can meet any requirement.

The availability and pricing of our authentic stone pieces is contingent upon size, type of stone, and the specific piece you require. Look at samples of our lanterns, basins, fountains and other water features, art pieces, and accessories by clicking the selections at the left side or at the bottom of this page. Then, complete our online form to request a catalog or additional ordering information.

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